🥰Say something nice, then say it again.

While my wife and I were newlyweds, several married couples gave us their well-meaning advice. They said, “enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts!” This advice was often given with smirks on their faces, as if to imply that it might not last very long.

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It’s so easy to take what we have in our lives for granted. This is true not only of our material possessions, but especially of our relationships. Whether it’s a new roommate, a new addition to the family, or a new life partner, new beginnings are often filled with excitement!

Over time, however, the “honeymoon phase” can wear off, and what used to be exciting becomes commonplace. The unexpected becomes expected, and appreciation gets lost in the busyness of real life.

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Getting into the habit of regularly expressing words of kindness and appreciation not only helps the other person feel loved in the home, but it also helps you keep your own perspective fresh and positive. In fact, some studies show that having gratitude toward others can help you feel better and can even improve your health!

“Words of appreciation are often shared in my home” is one of the questions on the MaxLife Inventory, and your response to this question will help you evaluate how intentionally you are living in the area of Family.

Notice the emphasis on the word “often.” It’s not enough to just appreciate someone once in a while. Developing a regular habit of speaking words of life into other people’s hearts will make for a home that every member enjoys being a part of.

Ideas for How to Speak Words of Appreciation:

  1. Appreciate how they look (compliment their appearance and boost their confidence!)
  2. Appreciate what they do (acknowledge their hard work―the big things and the little things)
  3. Appreciate who they are (recognize their values, perspectives, personality, and differences)
  4. Appreciate who they have become (notice growth and progress)

My wife and I decided early on that the “honeymoon phase” could last as long as we decided it would. Seven years and three kids later, we are both still intentional about appreciating each other with words of kindness on a regular basis.

How could your life be enriched if you expressed more gratitude towards others?


Tim Taylor
Co-Director, MaxLife Events

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