Your Story…Beyond the Pain



About this Series

People will never know the kind of journey behind your smile. In this series John T. Boston, II will share how he overcame rejection after being abandoned and later adopted as a child. He uses his personal experience to help others find their voice and ultimately their peace. When you decide to join this special online gathering your personal story will unfold as you move beyond the pain of your past into a future filled with promise. Each short presentation will highlight the different ways our pain can cripple our experience. Hear real life stories from people right here in your area. These life changing online gatherings will help you discover how your pain can become the birthplace of your peace. It’s possible and John and the stories shared here will show you why it’s important to never give up. Come and hear your story now…beyond the pain.

Meet the Presenter

John T. Boston, II has traveled to 42 countries on six continents as a speaker and consultant. He has been recognized by academic and civic entities as a leader in collaboration for his work in forging dynamic partnerships for the communities he has served. John has lived across the United States and in Australia sharing a message of healing for broken hearts. Mr. Boston has swam with humpback whales in the wild and journeyed with young cheetahs on a hunt, but his greatest joy comes from helping people find their way through difficult times. John suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015 and after an unprecedented recovery he currently leads as an assistant university professor and guest lecturer for events around the world. John is married to Karla and they have one incredible little girl, Riley.

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