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Are you tired of feeling lost and uncertain about your purpose in life?

Do you feel like you're constantly facing obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your full potential?​

Do you struggle with finding true rest and balance in your busy life, and wish you had more time for what really matters?

Are you searching for a deeper sense of identity and spirituality in a confusing and chaotic world?

About this Series

Welcome to Irresistible Identity, a series designed to help you discover your true identity and purpose in Jesus and how to live out your identity in a world that often leaves us feeling lost and disconnected. Throughout this series, we'll explore the fundamental teachings of Jesus in a way that will offer value and meaning for your life. Whether you're searching for answers about life, struggling with identity or purpose, or looking for practical guidance for your spiritual journey, this series is for you. Join us as we journey together towards an irresistible identity in Jesus.

March 8-24, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings starting at 6:30pm

Hi, I’m Rob Zama. I’m a certified life coach, speaker and Bible instructor here in Oregon, and I have a passion for helping you realize your purpose in life and experiencing the hope that Jesus offers. I hope to see you there!

Hey there, I'm Tim Taylor. I'm thrilled to be co-speaker for the Irresistible Identity series. I am also a certified life coach, speaker, and Bible instructor. I share a deep passion for helping people discover their purpose in life and experience the transformative power of the gospel. I'm looking forward to journeying with you!

Join us for this series and embrace who you were created to be!

Irresistible Identity: Embracing Who Jesus Created You to Be